The cashier girl asked me to sing. Here’s what happened.

What day is it today? Cause’ I feel like it’s freebies day.

I just went in to the Guardian store hoping to, you know, pick up that BB foundation and go. Proves again that shopping for me is always never that easy.

I think I ended up with 10 items; but, I was given 6 other items that I didn’t pay for.

The store cashier said that it’s “complimentary from us”.

Aren’t these a lot for just one purchase?

Feels like it’s a lucky day indeed, isn’t it?

Plus, I got rebates from today’s purchase, cash voucher for my next purchase and a chance to buy an electronic weighing machine for much less (if I want to).

I never asked for anything, didn’t think about it, and am not even Guardian member. Well, here’s what I think.

When you’re loyal to a brand, you don’t need to register lah, kan (unless it’s really worth the time filling in the application form because let’s face it, we don’t really make use of the member card, anyway, except for AEON – the perks are great).

Coming back to my day at Guardian today, I am thankful for the gifts. From a branding perspective, Guardian (particularly this store in Raman Sri Rampai) had captured my heart with good service, and the staff were courteous to me.

The gifts from Guardian
The gifts from Guardian

I like the jewelry box the most. I have new glasses I got from previous JB trip, so I have a nice place for them now.

I was a little chatty with the staff (just being myself); we were talking about things over the counter other than a business transaction. The cashier girl seemed to have warmed up to me and she saw that I was carrying a guitar bag behind me, so she asked “Awak pergi jamming ke nanti?” (Are you going to a jamming session later?)

I replied, “Tak de la. I tengah belajar gitar.” (Nope, I am learning the guitar.)

Now, we’re talking like neighbours.

I think I got her excited when I told her that I like to sing Malay songs. There was a twinkle in her eyes. I guess that maybe she was bored at work and you know, work can get boring at times. Solution to boredom is –> Make friends with your customers. You’ll start to love your job again.

“Ye ke? Nyanyi sikit boleh?” she asked.


When it comes to music, it’s pretty easy for me to become the singing jukebox right away. I welcome people into my world. So, to feed her curiosity, I gave away one line. Just one line, mind you and we talked even more. We even said goodbye to each other. I thought: Hey, that was awesome. I went in as an ordinary customer and I came out as a valued customer.

Staff should be encouraged to interact with their customers. It’s a motivation to do a job well. It’s also a message telling the customer that “we always welcome you into our world”.

That will be a very convincing move with happier staff and customers as the result. That’s for sure.

LOL…this long post to describe my unplanned visit to Guardian on the afternoon of April the 2nd. What an experience! I AM a lucky girl :)

P.S. Curious to know the song? Hang on there…I’ll tell you that in my next blog post. ūüėČ

The first time I see glow on my face I smiled…

…to myself not because I just had a good time with the laser facial treatment but because at that moment afterwards, I see this woman in the mirror and she’s not perfect but she’s happy. The¬†redness on her cheeks and those tiny bumps (seem annoying to her but not anymore) can tell that that her skin¬†is tired from all that stress plus being sick for weeks.

Making a visit to¬†Glo Laser Centres and meeting their laser specialist, Erin, was not in my personal schedule.¬†I met her husband first for a business meeting last week. They opened in early October and he wanted to see how our agency (J&K Brands) can add more ‘glow’ to their brand. In all seriousness, I made sure I got as much information as possible about the services they are providing.

While it was necessary for me to have a go at the laser treatment, like any individuals out there I have had my moments of doubt whether (a) laser is safe; (b) is the process painful; and (c) can my skin take it.

So, Lucas, Erin’s husband also her business partner, assured me that I would enjoy nothing but a pleasant experience — and it only takes 15 minutes to complete one session and absolutely no downtime. I take this information very seriously. From what I understand, ‘no downtime’ means your skin recovers and regenerates cells as soon as the laser facial is completed. And, you can put your make up on instantly¬†without worrying it would clog your pores. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend you do that but it’s a personal thing, you know? When Erin says it’s ok, then ok-lah!

So, I had SkinfixTM laser facial done on me, and then she always remembers to rub¬†a little sunblock onto my face. If I so wish, I can apply¬†a thin layer of BB foundation on top of it and draw my eyebrows, and I’m a happy girl for the rest of the day. ¬†So much so I left Glo Laser Centres with glow on my face, and ideas¬†started flashing¬†in my head thinking what would be best for their business.

Ah, I love my job!

Erin the laser specialist at work. Glo Laser Centre is in Mid Valley Megamall, Lot No. F-081. Clicking on the pic will take you to the webpage.

This is what I like about their packages so far. There are NO packages. No lengthy follow-ups. No up-sell. But heck, why worry? Go with an open mind. Learn how their non-invasive laser facial works for your acne, pigmentation, dull skin and wrinkles. I was surprised it was a lot easier that I expected.

When you drop by, just ask for¬†their New Client Introductory Treatment Offer. That’s 3 treatments for the price of RM238. On usual days, one single treatment already costs that much. Well, I heard that you can share out your treatments with family and friends and still keep your pocket whole, which is great!

Well, some people would say that good things don’t last. And, this applies to the offer. I know it’s not for very long.