CUTOUT Magazine the only entry from Malaysia in the 2014 Golden Pin Design Award, wins a Mark title

That’s good news, isn’t it?

 I’m so happy about it.

The fact that our country Malaysia is there in the list of winners just makes me feel proud. I know my husband feels the same way too. You don’t know how many times he pestered me and reminded me to submit the Award’s online application form. We almost didn’t make it. But you see–with determination and faith and by making our entry count, we may stand a chance.


It turns out that there is only one entry from Malaysia and that’s coming from us. What about the rest? A total of 416 designs from 5 Asian countries have been selected as Mark Winners.

416 designs from 5 Asian countries take home the Golden Pin Design Mark win
416 designs from 5 Asian countries take home the 2014 Golden Pin Design Mark win


What makes this year’s Award interesting is that the Taipei-based Award is open to international companies to participate for the first time. Companies designing innovative products and projects for the hua ren (Chinese-speaking) market are eligible.


In other words, for example, a Chinese-speaking design company (TSUBAKI) designing an English-based magazine (CUTOUT) for a Chinese-speaking publisher (The Kraft Store) can give the magazine a shot at the Golden Pin Design Award 2014.


Did you know?


For the first time in the 33-year history of the Award close to 40% of the Mark winning entries were submitted by companies based in other countries and administrative regions in Asia including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore.


Chinese companies led the international pack with 147 Design Marks across the Golden Pin Design Award’s four categories: Product Design, Packaging Design, Visual Communication Design and Interior Design.


Of the 46 entries submitted by companies from Hong Kong, 15 win a Golden Pin Design Mark in the Product Design, Visual Communication Design and Interior Design categories, respectively.


Taiwanese companies remain in the majority with 249 Design Marks across all award categories.


There’s something more exciting…


All of the 416 Golden Pin Design Mark winning products and projects are in the running for a coveted 2014 Golden Pin Best Design trophy. Judging for this honour took place on 8 October, in Taipei, Taiwan where an international jury of experts was assembled.


The best designs will be announced at the award ceremony in December. Which means each of us 416 Mark Winners have an equal chance of winning that trophy.


Who will be the lucky one?







Author: viviantoh

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