I still prefer travelling without a camera

…and let the motions of daily life play in my head. I just returned from Taiwan late last night with this tune from Anna Kendrik’s Cups as though playing in the background. Our flight got delayed for about an hour and because of that I got to see more of Taipei’s barren land from the “take off” point before we really said our goodbyes. Now I’ve come home feeling motivated!

It’s great making new friends with the people from the Taiwan Design Centre. The places I’ve been to, like the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park where the prestigious 33rd Golden Pin Design Award 2014 was held, got my body chilled from the cold for hours but I was kept warm with their great hospitality.

A walk at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
A walk at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

It felt like snow when I was out walking in the park but it wasn’t snowing . The drizzle felt soft as it hit my face and disappeared as it touched my mom’s grey sweater.  There’s always something that I would bring along with me on any of my trips so I could still feel at home even when I’m far away from my family. Wish you were here to experience the winter in Taipei! 

Author: viviantoh

Journalist, speaker, design agency owner and independent publisher. Vivian has an eye for content and details thanks to her many years in the design industry. She's always being mistaken for a graphic designer but she really is just a non-designer. A connector. A thinker. An observer who sees window shopping like a Discovery channel - always learning new things.