“Must do” — before the first meeting

Every time that I have to speak to someone new about branding and my design business, I get thrilled about the first meet. I enjoy the time I have to spend before the meeting.

I would thank the universe for working in my favour and for sending me a lead. (so important, I tell you. We must be grateful.)

Do a background check on this person aka client.

Trash out the design collaterals we had done and check whether we have portfolios relevant to this client’s brand or business.

Share some links from our Tsubaki Studio on Behance site prior to the meeting.

Go through my brand slides.

Think of all the possibilities that can happen during the meeting.

Prepare questions beforehand and keep them in the notebook for use during the discussion.

Glance through my wardrobe and work out that “glam enough, confident enough” look.

Give myself a pep talk in front of the mirror while I ‘paint’ my face.

What if I’m late?! Well, I usually don’t, but maybe it’s worth to share with you in my next post on how I get out from this embarrassing situation. Till then!

Author: viviantoh

Journalist, speaker, design agency owner and independent publisher. Vivian has an eye for content and details thanks to her many years in the design industry. She's always being mistaken for a graphic designer but she really is just a non-designer. A connector. A thinker. An observer who sees window shopping like a Discovery channel - always learning new things.