Recent discovery of an obsessed theatre darling

There is nothing happier than knowing another person who comes across as smart, confident, articulate, jovial and likeable with larger-than-life personality and hardly no air about him – at least when he’s around me and I mean, I really do enjoy his good company.

He’s my dear friend, Richard Chua.

There are many lessons about life, theatre and relationship that I learned from him. Design matters, dogs, and people become the staple of our conversation.

When we talk, I want to see the world as he sees it.

His words and gestures dance along even when he rants about petty things, but here I am – like someone in the audience watching an actor acting out a script in front of me – beginning to create scenes in my head and the experience would seem surreal.

In case you haven’t checked out Theatrix Asia (founded by Richard), I am amused by the amount of entertaining articles that I can find about entertainment arts here.

It is still unbelievable how I came about writing a piece for the web portal, which I would cringe every time I think about it. Just because you hadn’t done up a review about a show, it doesn’t mean you can’t, Richard said to me.

And when he told me to write what the heart desires at the time of writing and let it flow, don’t stress it…I listened.

On a serious note, here are some of his reviews that I enjoy reading:




Richard also appeared on radio to speak about a production he loved very much, which I was privileged to watch when it premiered at DPAC. Here’s the link to the radio interview.

THE NUANCED HIDDEN LIFE – The Weight of Silk on Skin – Interview on BFM radio station

I heard that he would be travelling around Asia this year to witness some of the best art events and theatre shows.

How wonderful!

The Richard Chua I imagine
is a traveler with a backpack and a book/journal in hand,
observing people and things as he goes along, and
enjoying a tête-à-tête at a coffeehouse
now and then.

Can’t wait to catch up with this theatre darling and have our own tête-à-tête when he’s back!

Author: viviantoh

Journalist, speaker, design agency owner and independent publisher. Vivian has an eye for content and details thanks to her many years in the design industry. She's always being mistaken for a graphic designer but she really is just a non-designer. A connector. A thinker. An observer who sees window shopping like a Discovery channel - always learning new things.