Tis the season to be grateful

Cheers to a nice first Winter Solstice celebration with both my family and the in-laws! What an evening it was! Full course Oriental dinner and lots of selfie going on between my sister-in-law and me.

In just a matter of days, the New Year will begin. If I were to describe 2014, it is an uphill battle with a wondrous pursuit at the end. If felt to me like another round of red velvet cake, bite after bite, with icing on top to soothe my sweet tooth. There are days you can choose to cherish. There are also days you wish they perish.

I’d say, be grateful for all you have!

Material or not.

Love or otherwise.

Be kind to yourself.

Once in a while, indulge!

Having said that, it’s that time of the year to shower the people around me with kind gestures and nice sayings. And, let yours truly put up with an all-time favourite movie, The Holiday.

A couple of years ago, this is what happened. I picked up guitar for a while. I had a tutor who thought that I enrolled in the wrong class when I should be following a vocal trainer. I like to go back to my guitar once in a while for old time’s sake. This one here was found idle in a backpacker’s inn where we stayed in Kaohsiung. I think I was strumming to the chords of a Dia Frampton song.