Throwback to 2007

All this while the voice that have been talking to me is actually an old acquaintance of mine pre-CUTOUT days. And all this while the sound of her name didn’t trigger anything at all. Until I met her at a meeting recently. Can’t believe my eyes! It was unexpected, surprising with a nice feeling put into the mix.

What was I doing that time?

I don’t know but I think I tried to make up a smooth sentence so I could greet her nicely but I couldn’t. I only remember smiling from ear to ear, and swaying like a walking penguin towards her and gave a big hug.

For a moment, I know that face looked oh so familiar but my brain’s speed was at a low that morning (just downed a hearty breakfast meal before that). I just couldn’t make a connection about where we’ve met. And then…bingo! I do remember her anyway – just hidden deep inside my head.

Me and my friends from the arts scene meeting to discuss projects for the 2015. The trio who rock Publika with their wit, humour and cool ideas. (R-L) Sunitha whose voice I didn’t get to recognise at the first place, Nani whom I respect and admire for her boldness and natural self, and to Alex, welcome back! Also a surprise to see him there. Double throwback.

She was actively involved in the arts scene and I was about 21 then and setting up a designer T-shirt business with the better half. We somehow crossed paths and stayed distant because we only came together when there was a collaboration.

I want to believe that our friendship sort of took a long break before we eventually cross path again after 8 years. Too good to be true but faith is kind :)

Author: viviantoh

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