Waking up in Boleh Land

…is something I look forward to all the time. It was the waking up part (not sleeping) that I missed the most while I was abroad. Usually, I have my pups ready to spring up on me when my eyes meet theirs. They’d wait for my cue to jump as that is a signal to cuddle in my arms and then continue sleeping with me. Now I have stopped doing so after learning the hard way that I am sensitive to animal fur. So, as to not disappoint my pups, the moment I sense them walking into the room, I give them a pat on their heads for being so warm to me and hospitable day after day. I put my feet on the ground. They start doing little hops. They wag their tails non-stop. They are generous with their smiles, their big round eyes looking at me. That’s what I like to see each time I wake up in Boleh Land.

Mel and Pi (right) have enriched our lives greatly and taught us the values of patience, kindness, of keeping calm and the simple joy of being around dogs.

Author: viviantoh

Journalist, speaker, design agency owner and independent publisher. Vivian has an eye for content and details thanks to her many years in the design industry. She's always being mistaken for a graphic designer but she really is just a non-designer. A connector. A thinker. An observer who sees window shopping like a Discovery channel - always learning new things.